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A little perspective

You know, I’ve read a lot about how consumption (and, perhaps more importantly, overconsumption) are major driving factors for environmental degradation here on Earth, and that this is a major problem especially here in the West.  I worry that I … Continue reading

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Sustainability and space exploration

There hasn’t been all that much crossover between two of my major interests: sustainability and space exploration.  But there ought to be. In some respects, this isn’t too surprising.  Environmentalists tend to look, at best, somewhat apathetically towards space exploration, … Continue reading

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Why local? No, seriously- why local?

“Local” has become a highly prevalent buzzword in sustainability and environmentalist discussions today.  Local food, local businesses, local government, local action, you name it.  Entire movements- most notably Transition Towns and Resilience – have sprung up around the idea of … Continue reading

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