Quick update

Just letting the world know I’m still alive- I’ve just been super busy with grad school/research, transitioning, and the care and feeding of my now-officially-a-veterinarian fiancée* ,  that this has sort of slipped by the wayside.

I still have stuff I want to write about at some point- in particular, I want to an essay on looking at realistic approaches for sustainable/low-impact medicine (and by realistic, I mean “actual medicine, not ‘alternative’/New-Agey dubiousness”), as well as how I imagine what a sustainable future might look like.  There’s also a fiction piece I need to actual sit down and write (before December, at any rate, because that’s when the call for scifi from trans authors that Topside put out closes) that marries both my interests in liveable futures and trans issues.

So, yeah.  Watch this space.  You may have to watch it for a rather long while, but I promise, at some point, I’ll actually get the time and energy to put something up.

*And hey, we have a date now! Halloween weekend 2016- we’re doing a masquerade ball theme.  It’s going to be the gayest thing ever.


About tessarion

Astrobiologist, environmentalist, trans lesbian, and would-be writer.
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