I created this blog because I’d had a lot of ideas running around in my head, and wanted to have a place to put them down.  The majority of them are related to my areas of interest and research- astrobiology, sustainability, the environment and promoting and communicating science to the public.  I hope you find them interesting.

About me

I’m a graduate student in environmental science, with a focus on ecosystems in extreme environments, and how they might be useful as analogues for the environments we find elsewhere in the Solar System.  My hobbies include horseback riding, blues dancing, and, when I remember to do so, writing.

So what is “uscoa” anyway?

USCOA (pronounced “use-coh-uh)is a bit of a private joke.  In high school, I decided that if I ever started a punk rock band, I would call it the United States Commission on Awesomeness- or USCOA for short.  Since it’s become obvious that I’m probably never going to actually start a punk rock band (I mean, I don’t even actually like punk rock all that much), I decided I would put the name to better use.


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